Fresh, Warm, Southern Kittens Now at Tree House Thanks to You!

If you’ve been a supporter for a while, you know that Tree House wants to save as many cats as possible, and that we’ve occasionally taken in rescues from locations outside of Chicago. (Remember the kittens delivered by plane from Florida?) Thanks to the enormous response we received from our community wanting to foster cats, we have enough space to do that again!

When COVID-19 hit, we got more foster applications than we’ve ever received previously, allowing us to more than triple our foster space. And, as you know, every foster home gives us the ability to save one more life. In the case of kittens, who love to travel in packs, we can squeeze even more needy little faces into each foster home. In light of this increased capacity, we have accepted twenty-two kittens from an overcrowded, high-euthanasia location.

We are proud to say we are partnering with Felines & Canines,  a Chicago-based organization, to transfer our new friends from Felines & Canines’ Alabama-based Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center, which is in an area that has issues with overpopulation. Is it because kittens are congregating on those southern beaches with little, frosty meowgaritas? Nay. It’s because Alabama has a year-long kitten season thanks to its warm climate. And because we, and our partner organization, believe that even one euthanasia for space is too many, we are stepping in to help spread out the kitten wealth.

Adoptions are happening at a rapid pace presently. Kittens are going up on our adoption page and immediately finding homes. And so, because of our amazing community of animal lovers who are both fostering and adopting, plus the incredible demand for adoptable kittens right now, Tree House has the capacity to not only take in our usual kitten population from our colony caretakers around Chicago, but to also save more from beyond our borders.

That’s right: Thanks to all of you, twenty-two more kittens are safe and preparing their resumes to be your new co-workers. So, keep an eye on our adoption page because they, along with all of the other kittens we currently have in house, are preparing to make your home a better place to live.



Tree House.

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