Pursuing Excellence through Community

As we prepare for our next 50 years, we are excited to invest in everything that’s made Tree House great for the last 50: community, innovation, and resilience.

These strategic priorities are only the surface, and reflect the exciting future of the next three years.

We have four major strategic priorities for the next three years.


Focusing on innovation, quality, and sustainable growth, Tree House intends to expand its commitment to excellent, progressive services — specializing in feline care. We will pursue growth opportunities in underserved communities. We will grow our service offerings in response to the needs and health inequities experienced by the pets and the communities we serve.


To set the stage for continued growth and innovation, we will use the lens of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to guide how we work, interact and engage. We will embed DEI principles into our organization through education and training, more transparent and equitable policies, and inclusive behaviors. We will develop stronger connections in the communities we serve, expanding our community base, and engaging with more diverse partners.

Read about our ongoing DEI work here.


The talents, passion, and compassion of Tree House’s workforce constitute its most valued resource. With emphasis on both new employees and existing employees, the enhancement of systems to attract, retain, and support talent and create high-performing teams using data effectively will be prioritized over the next three years. We aim to be a workplace of choice.


We will strengthen our financial capacity over the long term and champion proven strategies of thriving organizations — including sound investment and reserve policies and multi-year planning. Revenue streams will be balanced, diverse and sophisticated. Services and programs will be evaluated based on the dual bottom line of impact and finances. We are committed to embedding financial data in program discussions and decision-making.

Want to learn more?

You can read all about our strategic plan in our Winter 2021 Catalyst, read more about what we do here, or check out ways to get involved!