Tree House welcomes volunteers into almost every aspect of our work, and we are always seeking excited, dedicated individuals who are looking to join our community to support our mission!

We are currently actively recruiting volunteers! Join our awesome team below.

Volunteering is a great way to join a community of friends and supporters, learn more about animal welfare, and give back to the furry friends we love so much. Although many of our roles do involve interaction with the cats in some capacity, we don’t currently offer roles with the sole focus of kitty playtime.

If you’re interested in a volunteering solely with our cats, you can join us as a Foster volunteer! Fostering is an invaluable way to help the animals in our care, and you need less than you think! Head over to our Foster page to learn more.


Are you part of a group interested in a one-time activity to help the cats at Tree House? Learn more about the various ways your group can help make a difference in the lives of homeless cats!merrick team standing by tree house front desk


Individuals ages 18 and older are welcome to apply to volunteer independently at Tree House!


Children ages 8-13 are welcome to volunteer alongside a parent/guardian in the Caregiving role. We have limited availability for teens ages 15 – 17 to volunteer independently.


Get involved by opening your home as a foster parents! You supply the love, we supply the rest. 

Vet Externships

Are you a veterinary student seeking hands-on experience in the field? Find out if our externship program at Tree House might be the right fit for you.

At this time, Tree House cannot support fulfillment of court-ordered community service hours.

Questions? Call us at 773-262-4000 or email