Not sure if fostering is for you? Give us a shout anyway–we’d love to hear from you and discuss!

Our Foster Program is one of the most powerful lifesaving tools we have.  By having access to a compassionate community of Foster Volunteers, our residents can heal, grow, and flourish in a loving environment while they prepare for adoption. This is a critical component in the recovery process for many cats, and in the development of young, vulnerable kittens. Sending cats to foster also allows us to keep helping animals, even when shelter space is limited!

What Makes A Good Foster?

We work with all types of families for fostering, but it’s not all kitten playtime and snuggles. We’re looking for people who…

  • Are 18 years or older
  • Can respond to emails quickly
  • Are observant and communicative
  • Are comfortable giving medication
  • Ideally have previous cat care experience


We provide all the tools you need to succeed, including all medical care. As a foster parent, your role is to welcome a cat or kitten(s) in to your home and provide daily care, close monitoring, and lots of love! Review these Questions to Ask Yourself Before Fostering to see if you’re ready for the commitment, and then apply below to start fostering!

We offer many types of fostering opportunities: two kittens in hands

  • Kittens: Kittens are not ready to be adopted until they’re eight weeks old. They need time in foster care to develop physically and behaviorally, to receive life-saving medical treatments, and to gain enough weight for their spay/neuter surgery.
  • Sick/Injured: Foster homes are a great place for sick or injured residents to heal!  Whether they’re being treated for common infections or something more complex, nothing beats a little time in foster care to rest and recoup.
  • Behavior/Socialization:  Our Adoption Center is a bustling place that can be intimidating to some cats. Time in a foster home provides important socialization, enrichment, or behavior modification to help some residents become prime candidates for adoption.
  • Shelter Skippers: As a Shelter Skipper foster, you will play a HUGE role in the promotion & adoption of your foster cat. Shelter Skippers allow for adoption straight out of the foster home and makes foster parents an essential part of the adoption process. As a result, cats who are more susceptible to stress can bypass shelter residence altogether and longer-term resident cats can be showcased in a home environment where they will be more comfortable (and therefore better adoption candidates.) 

Ready, Set, Foster!

At this time, applications for new foster volunteers are paused. Please check back in later for updates on open foster volunteer positions.

Step 1. Set up your Foster Interview and complete our application. Click here or see below to schedule a time to chat and answer some questions!  Please fill out the application form when scheduling your interview time. This provides us with basic information about your interests and experience caring for animals. At the phone interview, we’ll discuss the program, commitment, and expectations to determine the best way to work together.  Step 2. Your Foster Application is Approved. Once we review your information and approve you, you’re on our roster! You will also be sent an online version of our foster care guidebook. Once approved, we’ll start sending you emails with information about animals available for fostering. Step 3. Pick up your Foster Kitty. Upon successful completion of these steps, you will become an official Tree House Foster Volunteer! By donating your time and home to a cat in need, you help save lives. We look forward to working with you!  

Questions?  Call (773) 262-4000 ext. 115, or email our Foster Team: