Cats on this page are available for adoption at our state-of-the-art shelter!

While cats reside at Tree House, they live in colonies of six to eight cats in sun-filled rooms with multiple perches, ample food and water, toys and even a “catio” (an enclosed cat patio where they can get fresh air and experience the sounds and smells of the outdoors). All cats receive comprehensive veterinary care, including neutering, microchipping, and vaccinations, as well as treatment of any known health issues from our in-house veterinary clinic. Nearly a third of the cats who come to Tree House have special needs or health issues. Tree House’s clinic staff, along with our dedicated volunteer foster parents, help these cats regain their health and get ready for adoption.

We can’t wait for you to meet our cats!


Make sure you read all about our adoption process and requirements. 

  • We release new adoption appointments weekly, and do not accept appointments for more than two weeks in advance.
  • We do not place holds on cats before an adoption appointment. 
  • We work hard to connect you with a cat that fits your home and lifestyle.

About The Tree House Adoption Process

Just a few of our adoptable cats




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