Chicagoland Humane Coalition: Joint Statement

Below you’ll find a joint statement from the Chicagoland Humane Coalition, which Tree House Humane Society is a member of, regarding our strategies for navigating the fluctuating adoption rates across the nation as we continue working to ensure every cat thrives:

After an unprecedented 18 months, the Chicagoland Humane Coalition has come together to issue a statement regarding the alarming trend of overcrowding in area animal shelters. 

After experiencing unusually high adoption rates during the pandemic with so many individuals locked down at home, numbers are now turning in a negative direction for homeless animal populations. 

Multiple factors are contributing to the decline in adoptions for pets in need:

  • The pandemic is surging once again
  • People aren’t getting out as much as they did earlier this summer
  • Summer months are typically slow for adoptions
  • Reduced staff
  • Veterinarian shortage
  • Foster shortage (a complete reversal from last year)

Working together to help address the issues and assist pet parents in need, the Coalition has been focused on pet retention efforts including:

  • Access to veterinary wellness support
    • Vaccination and microchip services
    • Mobile veterinary clinics
    • Low-cost spay/neuter services
  • Pet Care Support
    • Pet food pantries
    • Senior support programs
  • Licensing for pets
    • Assisting with obtaining required pet licenses
  • Financial Assistance
    • Emergency medical funds
    • Pet housing deposit assistance for renters
    • Shelter impound fee assistance
  • Housing Support
    • Pet-friendly housing counseling
    • Temporary emergency boarding
  • Community Outreach Support
    • Special adoption events to include fee waived events
    • Humane education programs
    • Behavior and training counseling
    • Trap-Neuter-Return cat support programs

Here’s what concerned community members can do to help with this problem:

Together we are all stronger and can make a difference in reversing this distressing trend. Let’s help get more animals home, together. Please contact any of the organizations below to see what you can do to make a difference in the lives of so many animals who need our help.

The Chicagoland Humane Coalition is creating a future where pets and people are fully supported, mutually respected and integrated into the fabric of our community. Our mission is to ensure the best possible outcomes for pets and people by building upon common ground, focusing on pressing local issues and supporting our communities. 

As trusted partners in animal care, we will keep you updated through our websites and social media. The Chicagoland Humane Coalition is:


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