Tree House envisions a world in which every cat thrives. We recognize that in order to create that world, we need to provide information and education about the humane treatment of cats to people of all ages.  Our services include: 

  • Group tours and workshops at the shelter:  We invite groups of all ages to visit the shelter and learn about our cats, our mission, and our impact. Visits can include a formal workshop on a choice of feline care topics. 
  • Presentations to school groups and classes: Tree House staff members partner with schools to provide tailored workshops for young people of all ages. Workshops frequently include an activity, such as making cat blankets or building covers for TNR traps.  All groups are asked to complete a pet food drive as a part of the experience.
  • Corporate/Business Presentations Tree House welcomes the opportunity to educate employees about the humane treatment of animals and involvement in improving animals’ lives in their communities.

To arrange for a tour or on-site or off-site workshop or presentation, please email or call 773-262-4000 ext. 123