Keeping Your Kitty Safe During The Holidays

by kristina marshall

With all of the fun and excitement of the holiday season, it can be easy to lose track of our household’s smaller members. If you want to make sure your whiskered friend is keeping safe, despite the chaos of parties, foods, and deadly plants that come with the holidays, here are some tips to keep in mind!

Oranges, Poinsettias, and Chocolate: Oh My

The oil in lemons, limes, and grapefruit is extremely poisonous to cats and can be fatal if ingested. Fortunately for us, most cats can’t stand citrus fruits. Unfortunately, not all holiday foods are quite as gross to felines.

Chocolate is as bad for cats as dogs, and that’s not where their likelihood stops. Cats also can’t have raisins, raw meat, raw eggs, or macadamia nuts. If you’re having a lot of people over, tuck away your coffee and wine. Both are extremely poisonous and could be life-threatening.

Poinsettias are famously toxic to all pets. Trust us, their presence on your mantle isn’t worth putting your pets at risk. Even if your cat has never chewed on plant leaves before, beware of getting these gorgeous flowers. You don’t want the one time your cat bites a plant to end in an emergency vet visit.

Party Life While Ensuring Your Cat Keeps All Nine Lives

Holidays are when the top parties of the year pop off, and although that’s exciting for us, it can be a completely different story for our pets. If your cat is nervous around strangers, or noise, create a safe space somewhere in your home for them. A great option can be an off-limits bedroom or a bathroom with cozy mats and surfaces for your cat. If you have a Bluetooth speaker that won’t be in use, you can plug it in and play soothing soft music to drown out the party’s noise.

If your cat loves being amongst people and wants to be out and about during the festivities, make sure everyone keeps an eye on their drinks and food. Many holiday foods can be poisonous, and you don’t want your cat getting sick because someone left out their spiked eggnog.

How To Decorate Safely For Cats of Any Age

It’s obvious enough that cats become less hazardous the older they get.  A six-month-old kitten might have you pulling out your hair as they trash your decorations if you didn’t put them up with cats in mind. If your cat is still in a messy stage of life, take the time to and plan out your decor accordingly. Hang ornaments high on your tree and close to the body of the tree itself so that they don’t dangle and catch the eye of your cat. You should also avoid keeping glitter tinsel anywhere your cat can reach since this is a significant choking hazard.

Helping Your Cat Keep Stress At Bay

Undoubtedly your cat will start to act out as your energy levels go up and your home transforms for the holidays. You may need to find a scratch-resistant sofa to protect against claws year-round, or you can find another outlet for your pet’s anxiety. Battery operated toys, or toys that will let them play by themselves, are a great way to let your felines self-soothe. Instead of acting out on your furniture, they can walk away and bat at a mouse on a string until their energy has evened out.

Plans If You Have a Pet Sitter

Although most Americans are staying home this year, many still have to find themselves away from home. Even if you think your kitty is fine on an automated feeder and a big watering dish, pet sitters are a vital part of any getaway! If the feeder messes up because you have a power outage (which has happened to me before!) or your cat knocks over its water dish, your cat may have to face going without food or water until you get back. Pet sitters should come at least every other day to check in on your cats. They’ll mostly ensure your cat still has water and food but will also spend time playing with or cuddling your cats.

Although some felines may seem as though they couldn’t care less if we’re present or not, they do miss the attention and affection when we’re away from home. A pet sitter will ensure your animals stay happy and healthy while you’re gone. Because pet sitters will be pulled away from their families to take care of ours during the holidays, it’s a good idea to tip extra this time of year!

With the holidays just around the corner, we can all be guilty of getting wrapped up in the excitement of family, friends, and presents that we forget our furry family members. Keep your kitty safe and happy this, and every holiday season with these simple tips!

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