Sessions and Updates


November 2, 2023: Tree House submitted dates for the first negotiation session in January 2024 based on the Union’s indication that the end of year is a busy time.

November 27, 2023: Tree House informed the Union of an upcoming annual wage event.

December 8, 2023: Tree House submitted written information to the Union for its annual wage event.

December 14, 2023: Tree House and the Union agreed on January 25, 2024 as the first bargaining session toward an initial collective bargaining agreement.

December 19, 2023: Tree House submitted to the Union a proposal for employee bonuses and raises as part of the annual wage event. Tree House sent the Union an updated employee handbook; changes were approved by the Board of Directors on August 15, 2023. Tree House and the Union agreed that the first bargaining session toward an initial collective bargaining agreement scheduled for January 25, 2024 will be held at 10 a.m. at Tree House Humane Society. Tree House will provide a guided tour to Union representatives at this time.

December 29, 2023: The Union agreed to Tree House’s proposed wage and bonuses for the annual wage event.


January 19, 2024: The Union requested a rescheduling of the January 25 bargaining session. In response, Tree House proposed maintaining the session but shifting it to a virtual format to adhere to the scheduled date. The Union agreed, and as a result, the January 25, 9 a.m. bargaining session will proceed as planned in a virtual setting.

January 25, 2024: The parties held a virtual bargaining session. During this session Tree House provided a written proposal (via email) to the Union relating to ground rules for the parties to follow during the collective bargaining process. The Union verbally explained its proposal for ground rules during the session and then following the session sent written notes regarding the same. Tree House offered the Union the opportunity to hold a caucus during the bargaining session on the proposed ground rules, and the Union chose to postpone discussions until the next in-person meeting. The Union proposed meeting dates in February and a meeting location of their attorney’s office in downtown Chicago. Both parties will review the ground rule proposals and Tree House will review proposed dates and location and confirm the next meeting’s details.

February 7, 2024: The parties confirmed the next bargaining session for February 29, 9 a.m. in downtown Chicago.