three tree house logos through the years

Happy Anniversary!

Tree House was founded in 1971 on the dream of a group of volunteers who wanted better things for Chicago’s homeless animals.

Fifty years later, Tree House has remained a magical place that inspires awe in cat lovers around the world. It is obvious that Tree House was built with the love, hard work, and dedication of caring people, and is part of what makes Tree House so special.

We’ve come a long ways since our humble beginnings. Here’s what we’ve accomplished in the last 50 years.

This isn’t just 50 years of Tree House. It’s 50 years of “we.” 50 years of joining together with you, our impassioned community of caregivers. 50 years of realizing our vision of a world where every cat thrives.

Since then, we've placed more than 35,000 cats in homes. You joined us to foster over 10,000 of them, welcoming them into your family while they awaited their forever home. We provided over 44,000 surgeries: spays, neuters, and lifesaving operations that have changed the lives of tens of thousands of animals. Together, we cared for more than 4,400 community cats. By meeting our animals where they were and providing for them, we've served the needs of countless neighborhoods and businesses.



We started 50 years ago as a pioneer in the field of animal welfare. That’s our history, and our future. Since those early days, we’ve revolutionized life for the cats who share our community—and beyond. This year, we’ll open our doors to even more animals with our Veterinary Wellness Center.

Our Community Cats and Cats at Work programs are poised to grow exponentially, and we’re working on making our adoption processes even more accessible and educational.


What started as a dream 50 years ago is now a magical place where cats thrive. Tree House was built with love and that heart beats in every cat we save and in every family we help. You have made our house a home. Our branches wouldn’t reach so far and wide, our roots wouldn’t be so deep and strong, were it not for the amazing generosity of our supporters like you.

This year, we’re saying thank you as we continue to invest in the community that made us who we are.