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September 18, 2019


Four of Stan’s Donuts Found Covered in Fur


Tree House takes in an unlikely crew in the form of male cat Stan and four kittens: Beignet, Apple Fritter, Peanut Butter Pocket, and Boston Cream. 

kittens with stan the cat

Snapshots of Stan with His Donuts Upon Arrival at Tree House


CHICAGO, IL – September 18, 2019 – Tree House Humane Society, during one of its thrice-monthly pick ups from Chicago Animal Care and Control, took in a male cat named Stan who was quite content to host four kittens in his cage. An unlikely combination, Stan seemed to offer the kittens, named Beignet, Apple Fritter, Peanut Butter Pocket, and Boston Cream, some comfort during their transport to the shelter. They snuggled him, crawled all over him, and even tried to nurse from him, and Stan took it all in stride. 


Tree House and other shelters see vast numbers of kittens coming in with mothers during the summer season. Many other kittens arrive orphaned, but it is fairly rare to find a group of kittens with a male cat. 


“We don’t know if they are actually his kittens,” said Grace Ryan, Tree House’s Shelter Shift Lead, “but they sought him out at the city shelter and he seemed pretty content to take care of them.”


The kittens and Stan all have upper respiratory infections and will need to spend at least two weeks in foster homes. After that, they will be looking for permanent homes of their own. Tree House is seeking adopters and donations to help care for these five cats, as well as for the rest of the thirteen they took in at the same time. 


To see a video of the Donuts trying to nurse from Stan, visit our YouTube page. 




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