Whether you’re part of a school group, work group, or just a group of friends looking to contribute together, theremerrick team standing by tree house front desk are so many ways to get involved!

We have a variety of group activities depending on the size and ages of your group.

Group activities range from community outreach projects like flyering for upcoming events, collecting and organizing donations, building Community Cat shelters, making blankets for our kitties, and more! 

The maximum group size is 20 as we aren’t able to provide a meaningful experience for groups larger than this. We welcome groups of minors but ask that the primary contact is at least 18 years old and all minors are accompanied by an appropriate number of adults.

Submit your application here, and we’ll be in touch shortly about opportunities for your group!

In order to coordinate the best experience possible for your group, please submit your group request at least 4 weeks in advance of your required date. 

Please note: Group availability is limited and demand is high. We can’t always accommodate a group volunteer project! There are still lots of ways to get involved, though, so thanks for your patience as we sort through applications.