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Jesi Peters

Jesi Peters

Director of Development

Jesi Peters is the Director of Development at Tree House. As a native Kansan whose been living in Chicago since 2015, Jesi got her professional start working in mental health and domestic violence direct service organizations.
After volunteering for several years, building relationships, and moving people to invest financially in the future, Jesi got her start fundraising at Equality Illinois before working for a local elected official, helping neighbors navigate city systems. She prides herself on attempting to read a book a week, which gives her CACC adopted cat, Tommy, plenty of chances to get cuddle time in. In her spare time. Jesi actively tries to take over the world ( through throwing down for political causes and packing food boxes for seniors at a local pantry. In her spare time, Jesi values escaping the cement jungle - whether that's hiking in national parks and visiting all the MLB and NFL stadiums (half so far!)